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  • Items : AMTS 2 MCure Disposable Guide
  • Needle Depth : 0 ~ 2.0mm

spa 9.0 Silk Peel combines exfoliation with an infusion of serums and topical, a combo that will certainly improve and revitalize your skin. Exfoliation is a common method of removing layers of dead skin cells and uncovering the new, shiny layer of baby skin. The treatments can be very small and simple manually done procedures or a complex professional treatment using machine and chemicals that gently remove the dead skin cells. The treatment starts with a deep cleaning of the area to be treated and can last up to 50 – 60 minutes. The advantages of doing Silk Peel is that various areas can be treated besides your face. Your neck and chest can also be revitalized. In the end, after the deep cleansing is finished a clarifying mask is applied to open your pores and to additionally smooth imperfections.


Disposable Guide AMTS2 Photon Derma Pen


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